Helping Students Cope With Transitions

Anxiety“I suspect that if you are like me, you prepare for lots of changes in your lives, the lives of your family members, and the lives of the kids you serve in ministry. But we may come up short in thinking best how to prepare for the transitions that those changes bring about.” This is an excerpt from an article I found on Fuller’s Youth Institute site.

You may have a child that is heading off to college soon. They will face transitions that we hope they will be prepared for – but many times are not.

Just moving from elementary school to junior high, and junior high to high school brings transition anxiety along with the journey. This article offers some good information and resource suggestions for preparing our students, and our children, for change and for transition and the anxiety that this can cause.

To read the article in its entirety, you can visit Fuller Youth Institute on the web, and click on their parenting page. The article is “Anxiety in the In-Between Stages of Our Lives: Healthy Strategies for Coping with Transitions”, by Rhett Smith.

Here is a direct link: Anxiety in the In-Between Stages of Our Lives.


Stacy K. Ash,
Assistant Director of Youth Ministries
Wesley UMC / Bloomington, IL

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