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Honduras Construction Mission Trip 2016 Photo Gallery

Final Workday is over, and we had to say goodbye to our friends at the site. That is getting tougher each year. For the fourth time, we have had to hug our friends and wish them well as they continue to build this fantastic structure, with the third level almost complete and ready for use. I have never met a harder working group of men than I have in my four years in Honduras. Please pray for these men to remain safe and to accomplish this major task: Mario, Roberto, Henry, Alan, Darwin, and Emerson.
I also can’t say enough about our team. I have had the pleasure of working with Ron and Gary each of the four years we have come down here. They are the best and I consider them my role models as they have been on more trips than I can count. It has been great to work with Marc (his third time in Honduras), Keith and Lori (their second time in Honduras) and Rick (his first time in Honduras) and to get to know them all better. It was a great group and you have to love Lori’s courage to hop on a plane with six guys to end up on a worksite with six more guys. She brought sunshine to the site with her wonderful smile and laughter.
Please know that we post these stories and photos, not to receive pats on the back, but to share experiences that are unforgettable. We don’t come to Honduras thinking we are the Cavalry, here to save the day, but instead, are here in response to what Jesus did at Calvary. We are called to do what we are capable of doing to help others, so we come to help fund and construct this building which will serve many purposes, all to glorify God. It is our team’s prayer that these stories will help encourage those who read and see them find an opportunity to serve, whether it be in Honduras, some other part of the world or in their own community.

Day #3 is in the books — another great day. The sidewalk is complete and the third floor is now sanded, primed, and painted with a first coat (and some with a second coat). We hope to get the rest of the second coat on tomorrow and then see what awaits on Friday. The level we are working on will include the area that will house mission teams. It is pretty neat to be finishing the rooms we helped build last year (the first picture below) and will be staying in next summer when we come back to work on the fourth level!!!

Day #2 in Honduras – Great day of work. Got more done than expected. In fact, Ron said the translator told him that Mario (the foreman) said we were getting things done faster than expected. Not sure if he says that to make us feel good or if it’s true. Did more painting and made great progress. Ron and I made the mistake of going outside to rinse brushes and were redirected to help make the concrete for the front sidewalk. Forgot just how fun that is.
Well, need to get a card game started so need to go. Back at it tomorrow!!!

Day #1 in the books …. great day. Got a lot done, from clearing debris rock and dirt piles, to sifting sand, to sanding concrete walls to ready them for painting. It’s amazing to see the progress since we were here last year, primarily due to the local workers as there have only been three or four volunteer teams come since we were here last July.
The guys came over for dinner tonight. We normally do that later in the week but decided to do it earlier in the week since there are four new workers. Only Mario and Roberto are still here from last year. We also met the new pastor and his wife. A fantastic evening!!! Hard to find a nicer group of guys!!! Looks like we might be doing some painting tomorrow as they really need to get the third floor done by August 1. There will be no shortage of work this week for sure!!! After the first three years, we won’t complain if we don’t move boulders, rock, sand and dig holes. But, the week is young … I’m sure we’ll see plenty of everything!

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