Youth Mission 2016

Atlanta Mission Trip - July 2016 - Monday July 11, (17)Our youth mission team has safely returned from Atlanta. They had a wonderful week of stepping out of comfort zones, personal and team growth, sharing, intentional conversations, and many laughs and memories. They worked with Peace Baptist Church on their new building. The team focused on the room that will be their food pantry which will serve thousands of people in the years to come. They also connected with the local kids through our Vacation Bible School and got to be part of a prayer vigil focused on racial reconciliation which was very powerful. Please take a look at some of their pictures and read some of their reflections from their exciting week!


I came on this trip to take a week off of my personal wants and needs. I wanted to devote this week to focusing on serving others and being absolutely selfless. This trip to Atlanta gave me unique leadership opportunities working with VBS children and our Peace Baptist Church work site projects. God showed me new leadership values that I have and allowed me to explore them through risk taking, service, and compassion. When I return home, I plan on “paying it forward” and bringing back new skills I can teach and utilize in our community.            ~Jessi

I came on this trip to create closer relationships with my team, the people in the community, and especially with God. I wanted to impact people’s lives through Christ. (Through) the prayer vigil at Peace Baptist Church I really got to connect with God and after the service, got to meet some people who go to the church and talk about what we are doing to serve their community. Once I get home I want to continue to serve in the name of the Lord. I want to keep building new relationships with anybody and everybody in the church; not just youth group.    ~Sara

I came on this trip as an adult leader in order to build deeper relationships with some of the select students that I am able to spend most of the school year with. What I didn’t expect was how much I felt myself grow through spending a week with these amazing students. They all challenged me in many ways and helped me to take intentional time with them more seriously. I was personally encouraged by every student and adult on this trip which put me in a much better place when it comes to serving our God. I took so much pleasure from being able to watch everyone step up as a leader and step out of their comfort zones in many ways. I am very excited to be able to spend another year with my brothers and sisters, running towards Christ together.          ~Jake


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