Youth Mission Trip to Atlanta

13613278_10210311179717270_8923521513792318734_oOur youth mission team has safely returned from Atlanta. They had a wonderful week of stepping out of comfort zones, personal and team growth, sharing, intentional conversations, and many laughs and memories. They worked with Peace Baptist Church on their new building. The team focused on the room that will be their food pantry which will serve thousands of people in the years to come. We also connected with the local kids through our Vacation Bible School and got to be part of a prayer vigil focused on racial reconciliation which was so powerful. Please take a look at some of their pictures and read some of their posts from their exciting week!


Friday – We finished some of our work site projects and set up others for next week. We had a chance to bring in people from the church to see what we had completed and had a wonderful opportunity to pray with and for them and their ministry.
We trekked up Stone Mountain and enjoy God’s beautiful from the top. We enjoyed a wonderful meal of Savage Pizza after our hike and experienced God provide powerful encouragement at our last team time. It’s amazing to see how close the team has gotten to one another and is growing in their faith. We ask for prayers for safe travel tomorrow and safety on the river as we white-water rafting.

Thursday – Today was a wonderfully successful and joyous day. We’ve gotten a lot of work done on the work site, bringing to a close a couple projects we’ve been working on. Tomorrow we hope to be able to complete additional projects as we wrap of the work for the week.
The cookout was a tremendous successful outreach event. Many of the students and neighbors from the area enjoyed a meal prepared by our students. Our students did an amazing joy engaging in conversations and fellowship. It was a wonderful way to say good-bye to the kids who attended VBS.
Students and adult leaders were powerfully moved by the message we received at a prayer vigil hosted at Peace Baptist Church, focused on community healing. We’d love continued prayers for energy.

Wednesday – We had a wonderful day with progress being made on the work site. We wrapped up a very successful Vacation Bible School and did an amazing job spreading God’s love. Our students and the kids attending VBS were both positively impacted.
We are excited to put in a longer day at the work site tomorrow and are eager to complete projects we’ve started. Our group will host a cookout at Peace Baptist Church tomorrow which focuses on outreach to the neighboring community.
Our pray requests are for energy to complete projects, to actively engage with kids and parents at the cookout, continued work site safety, for the team unity to deepen, and for God to continue to work powerfully in and through each one of us. God bless you all for the prayers you have poured out! They have been heard and felt!

Tuesday – Day 3 of our trip is winding down, and it has been a great day. We saw tons of excitement, enthusiasm, and positive attitudes as we got work underway at the work site. Students provided amazing encouragement to fellow team members and the whole group throughout the day. We made good progress on our projects and are looking forward to getting more accomplished tomorrow. Our students are forming incredible bonds with kids attending the Vacation Bible School and intentional conversations are taking place. The mission statement for our trip is “Spreading God’s Love,” and our students are doing just that. Thank you for the prayers and please keep them coming. We can see they are working as the team is starting to bond.
Prayer requests: energy for our entire team and for intentional conversations to continue to happen and go deeper.

Monday – We have wrapped up our second day of the trip and had a wonderful day. We toured the work site location, and we were given the vision for the work we get to start tomorrow. Peace Baptist Church outgrew their old location and purchased a Target store for their new location. Currently approximately 60,000 square feet have been refurbished for the church, sanctuary, offices, classrooms, etc. Our mission project will be to continue to build out interior walls to house a food pantry, a vital ministry in this area. Our students did an incredible job leading just under 20 kids, aged 3 to 15, in Vacation Bible School. Our students navigated some obstacles at the start of VBS but quickly overcame them and truly showed God’s love to the neighborhood kids. The team is bonding really well and God is working in them all. The prayers we are asking you to lift up are for continued team unity, safety throughout the entire day but especially at work and for God to continue move powerfully in each one of us.

Sunday – Hi! We made it here safe and sound by 9:25 Eastern (8:25 Central). The trip was very uneventful and we received wonderful comments on the behavior of the students as we made stops along the way. The team is excited and feeling very confident we will accomplish amazing things this week doing God’s work. Thanks a million for your prayers for our team and for safe travels. Please continue to pray for us as we start our work site project and meet the kids we’ll teach at Vacation Bible School. We are also asking for prayers for team unity, that our hearts are open and accepting of challenges and that God works in and through each of us. God bless. Check the photo album for a few pictures from today.

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