Your Bibles Delivered to Love Packages in Butler, Illinois

Thank you, Wesley, for the hundreds of precious Bibles and Christian books, magazines, and devotionals you so generously provided in the February “Just One” Collection. Seven Wesley volunteers delivered dozens of cartons to the Love Packages warehouse/shipping facility in Butler, Illinois, just south of Springfield. After a two hour drive, we were greeted by Director, Steve Schmidt, and his assistant. These two are the only staff who operate the large warehouse facility. Volunteers do most of the work sorting, packing, and taping boxes to be shipped in 20 Ton ocean-going containers that are 20 feet long. These are sent to port cities all around the world where Love Packages has pre-arranged distribution centers. From there, the materials are given freely with great respect and received like treasure into the hands of people who are hungry for the Word of God. At lunchtime, Steve Schmidt shared some heart-warming stories. He told of one group who had traveled 15 days on foot to reach the distribution center for the free Bibles and books to take back to their village. In another country, a pastor arrived whose only Bible was a spiral notebook in which he had hand copied the book of Matthew. When the distributor handed him a handsome leather bound Bible, the pastor inquired how long the distributor would remain at the center. Learning that the distribution was planned to go on for several weeks, the pastor promised to “write fast”. He was overwhelmed to learn that the beautiful Bible was his to keep, rather than just to be copied by hand into his spiral notebook and returned. Our amazing God provides funding for the operation through gifts from churches and volunteers. Printed materials are donated by publishing companies as well as congregations like Wesley. In 2016, Love Packages shipped over 2,000 Tons of Christian literature around the world and will be read by over 60 million people! Shipping cost per container averages $4,000. Love Packages welcomes volunteers, small groups, and youth groups. To arrange, call 217-532-6701. More information is available at Go to the church website to see pictures of our volunteers at work at Love Packages.

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