Stay Faithful in GIVING

by James P. Ingold, Finance and Stewardship Chairman

My parents had me baptized in the sanctuary of Wesley Church on Mom’s birthday in December of 1963. I grew up in our church, married my incredible wife and celebrated both of my parents’ lives in our sanctuary, and have developed some of the most special friendships I have at Wesley. While my tenure at Wesley may be longer than many who are reading this, I know by what I see in our church, that I am not alone in my love for the church, its pastors and staff, and the many members who call it their church home.

As I sat in the sanctuary last Sunday morning, knowing it very well might be the last service in that room for the foreseeable future, I couldn’t help but cry out to God during prayer time for our church and its members to remain strong during this COVID-19 challenge. I will leave the spiritual and relational strength encouragement to our pastors, but I am writing this to encourage our congregation to be strong and courageous with respect to your finances and your support of the church. Although we won’t be worshipping together in the building for a while, expenses continue to be paid. Our amazing staff, who are working as hard as ever, would appreciate it if we keep compensating them for their dedicated service; the utility companies would like to be paid; the outreach support we provide needs to continue, etc. Granted, there will be some expenses we won’t incur because of activities being cancelled, but there are others, like postage and technology costs, that have increased in order for us to be able to continue ministering to you during this social distancing period. Further, please keep in mind we approved a deficit budget this year, so we will be running thin all year as it is.

As such, I am encouraging you to continue to give to Wesley by either mailing checks to the church, which will be safely and securely received in a post office box and retrieved by our business administrator as often as possible, or CLICK HERE to give securely online. Believe me, as a CPA dealing with businesses and individuals, I am well aware this pandemic has taken a toll on many. People are working fewer hours or not working at all and cash flow is a concern. We are more than understanding that not everyone is able to keep up with their faith commitment at this time. However, many of us are able to do so and I am encouraging those who can, to not only do so, but to consider prepaying on their commitment to support those who can not give anything at this time.

Martha and I have prepaid our faith commitment for the next ten weeks. I tell you this not to boast, but to encourage others who can, to join us and keep our church financially strong in uncertain times. We gave our treasure to where our heart is … with Wesley Church and our amazing God. We are all in this together and I am confident our congregation will once again overcome all obstacles we face and glorify Christ as we serve Him together.

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