Phase Four Office and Telephone Hours

As we begin to open the building, Wesley members wishing to use the building should call (309-827-8046) in advance in order to ensure there is someone at the building to let them in. Currently there is a person in the office from 9am - 3pm Monday through Friday, but we do request that you call in advance to be sure there is someone available to meet you at the door, assist with check-in and temperature-check, etc. All persons entering the building must comply with the safety precautions in our Phase Four document (face mask, temp check, sign in/out, wash hands, 6-ft, self-exclude for reasons of possible contagion, etc.).
Small groups (please call the office to schedule a meeting) should designate a "COVID care group leader" to take responsibility for their group and its compliance.
Please note that if you call the church office and no one is available to answer your call, please leave a message and you will receive a return call.
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