Conference Camping Ministries

Conference camping has a long-standing history of creating opportunities for spiritual growth in young disciples of our faith. Wesley UMC is re-committing our youth and children’s ministry programs to sending our students to camp each summer to experience the joy and sacredness of summer camp programming.  

When in-person camp programming was cancelled this past summer in 2020, not only were so many students and volunteers were disappointed and upset, but vital revenue was lost causing financial distress for both camps. 

Our conference camping ministries are planning a fitness challenge-fundraiser to help raise and replace money lost in the pandemic this summer! Beginning on March 1st, you are invited to walk/run/hike or jog 262 miles, the distance between Little Grassy to East Bay, our 2 

conference-owned and operating camps in the IGRC.  

Everyone is invited to take the next 6 months and complete the distance while tracking your miles in a private facebook group with other people across the state! Registration for the event is $50 which covers roughly half a day of camp programming for 1 student.  

You are invited to ask/find a sponsor who would match your donation through your fitness journey, which would fully fund a whole day of camp for 1 student! 

Kelsey Ross, our Director of Youth Ministries at Wesley, is planning to complete the “round trip” tier of the fundraiser, and do 524 miles between March 1st and August 31st, and is looking for a sponsor/running buddy who will match the registration fee of $80!  

Additional information about a Wesley 5K run in warmer weather is TBA.  

Consider donating or joining our effort to get outside and get well as we support the summer ministries at our conference camps. Contact Kelsey with any questions:

For more information and to sign up for the walk/run challenge visit

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