Pastor of Visitation Position Open

Pastor of Visitation position open

Position Objective and Summary

Objective: The Pastor of Visitation supports the Church’s mission, vision, and values by
providing pastoral care through the visitation of members and others associated with the Church
and encouraging the lay members to also visit and care.

Summary: The Pastor of Visitation is responsible for conducting visitation and training lay
members to effectively conduct visitation activities.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
1. Work in partnership with other Church staff to develop and implement programs that
promote the church’s mission and goals by maintaining an effective visitation program.
Develop and maintain a regular schedule for visitation in hospitals, nursing homes,
assisted living facilities and shut-ins.
Visit members and others associated with the Church who have evident pastoral care
needs; e.g. grieving, those going through times of transition, etc.
Build and nurture relationship to newcomers that have attended worship more than once.
2. Assist with reaching out to, re-engaging, and renewing relationships with members whose
attendance has faltered.
3. Develop and promote visitation by lay members of the Church.
Suggest and/or provide appropriate training
Encourage lay members to accompany the Pastor of Visitation during his/her rounds when
4. Lead worship activities, officiate at funerals, and distribute sacraments as needed.
Qualifications, Skills, Abilities and Education Requirements
Education Level: Suitable ordination credentials preferred

Excellent communications skills, both written and oral.
Knowledge and experience in counseling.
Comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and Theology.
Ability to work effectively and independently with all levels within the Church.
Strong leadership qualities, leadership experience, and organization skills.
Demonstrated program development and implementation skills.
Ability to represent the Church effectively in a variety of setting and with diverse communities.
Demonstrative understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures.
Exhibit professional skills, appearance, and conduct.

Job Title: Pastor of Visitation
Job Ref/Code: Ministry Pay/PL155
Reports to: Directing Pastor
Department: Directing Pastor
Position Type: Part Time
Position Status: Exempt
Supervises: Volunteers involved Benefits in lay visitation
Work Schedule: 20 hours Flexible Schedule, primarily during Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30

Please send Resume/CV and a cover letter to to be considered for this position

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