Wesley Needs a Food Service Coordinator!

The Wesley Food Service Coordinator is a part-time position averaging 20 variable hours per week and reports to the Business Administrator. 

Position Objective and Summary

Objective:  To support Wesley’s mission by providing meals and other foods for groups gathered at Wesley.
Summary:  Coordination and preparation of meals and other food served at Wesley; oversight of menu preparation and acquisition of needed supplies and provisions; responsibility for cleanliness and maintenance of kitchen facilities; and supervision of volunteers

Principle Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Plan and coordinate meals 
  • Plan menus in coordination with the appropriate staff and volunteer leaders for Wednesday evening meals, funeral meals, casserole meals, meetings, receptions, weekly Surge meals, Vacation Bible School meals, and snacks, and other events to include but not limited to rummage sale volunteer meals  
  • Contact and schedule volunteers needed for events 
  • Order items from food suppliers and shop locally for perishable items 
  • Maintain adequate supply of paper products and cleaning supplies 
  • Maintain an adequate supply of milk, juice, coffee, and related items for Sunday morning donut hour 
  • Budget and manage food costs 
  • Submit receipts for purchases to Business Manager, noting accounts to be used for items purchased, along with the Food Service Event form 
  • Submit money collected from food events to the church office with cash transmittal forms 
  • Preserve stored foods properly and dispose of outdated items 
  • Direct disposition of leftover food as needed 
  1. Prepare food according to pre-planned event requirements 
  • Assure the presence of state certified food sanitation person at any event where food is prepared and served 
  • Supervise volunteers involved with cooking, serving, and clean-up of food events 
  • Coordinate with appropriate staff and volunteer leaders to assure menus and recipes include healthy options as well as provisions for those who have special dietary needs 
  • Approve food brought to an event by an outside caterer or provider 
  • Assure safety in food handling and kitchen equipment handling 
  1. Maintenance of kitchen facilities and equipment 
  • Assure cleanliness of kitchen after each use 
  • Report any equipment malfunctions to the custodian or Facilities Manager 
  • Oversee de-liming of ice machine as needed 
  • Clean fryer, ovens, stove, refrigerator, and freezer as needed 
  • Coordinate more extensive kitchen cleaning, such as cabinets and storage areas periodically 
  1. Supervision of volunteers 
  • Recruit volunteers and maintain lists of volunteers willing to help with various kitchen duties or functions 
  • Offer written descriptions of volunteer opportunities in the food service area 
  • Develop written safety and sanitation guidelines for anyone who works in the kitchen 
  • Train and supervise volunteers as needed 
  1.  Miscellaneous Responsibilities 
  • Exhibit friendly, professional interactions with church members and non-church groups who use Wesley’s facilities 
  • Attend weekly staff meetings as needed 
  • Oversee table décor when needed for special events 
  • Assist event leaders in developing recommended cost schedules for food events for Wesley and non-Wesley groups 
  • Interface with the Department of Public Health as needed 
  • Other duties as needed to ensure a positive environment for food services at Wesley UMC 



Qualifications, Skills, Abilities, and Education Requirements 


Education Level:  High School degree or equivalent work experience 



  • Certified with the State of Illinois Department of Public Health (for food handling and preparation) 
  • Knowledge of food preparation and food service management 
  • Excellent communications skills, both written and oral 
  • Ability to work effectively and independently with all persons within the church 
  • Strong leadership qualities, leadership experience 
  • Demonstrated ability to manage food preparation service, including menu planning, to budget amounts 
  • Ability to negotiate food purchases 
  • Demonstrated understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures 



  • Skills in managing balanced dietary and nutritional values for food service preparation 
  • Computer skills for assistance in managing food service tasks 


Computer or special equipment knowledge: 

  • None assigned at present 
Additional Note:  This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee occupying this position.   
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