A baptism is truly a church family celebration. A number of baptisms are celebrated each year and reminds us what a privilege it is to be a part of this church family. Baptisms are special and unique for each member of the church family.

Sydney was a junior in high school and old enough to make a personal decision about her baptism. Youth leader, Stacy Ash shared that Syndey had been attending youth activities for more than and year before she decided to be baptised. Sydney readily shares her faith with her friends and family. She is committed to modeling her faith every day in her actions not only in church but in the world at large. Her youth group friends were so excited for her on the day she was baptised that they surprised her with a baptism party.

The children of Heidi Moss were brought for baptism in a more traditional way. Baby Madelynn Ella was the 18th child in her family to wear her baptismal gown. At age 7, Noah was able to respond to the faith questions that Pastor Vaughn worded so that Noah could easily understand.

In the congregational response at each baptism, the congregation recommits the vows that were made on our behalf at their own baptism and promise to nurture these precious children as part our church family.

A former Wesley pastor said it well. "Baptism is more than just a time to name a baby. It is more than a time to make a commitment to God. It is a time to celebrate what God has already done, what God is doing, and to anticipate what God's grace will do in our lives in the future."

Please contact Jody Robbins, or 827-8046 for more information on making arrangements for a baptism.