SURGE Youth Group

Every Sunday

Youth Coffee Hour
10:15- 11:15 Sundays
Sr. High Lounge

Contact Kelsey Ross for more information on all Surge Youth activities at

As W@W returns, Jr. High and High School students will start new book studies together. After dinner with everyone in Wesley Hall, Jr. High students will go with Stephanie Hoy and Chris Gjesfjeld to read Bad Things, Good People and God by Brian Bliss, and Sr. High students will go with Kelsey to read Baptized in Tear Gas by Elle Dowd. All students are invited to attend and will have a place to be on Wednesdays. If you want to know more about the books we are reading and what we are talking about, reach out to Kelsey at 618-558-0748.

SURGE Youth Group

Remember that Surge Sunday School meets weekly in the Sr. High lounge. Stop by the garden room for a donut, then join us for a coffee hour discussion about God, faith, and life together. All students in 6th-12th grade are invited to attend during the Sunday school hour! (8th graders will go to confirmation starting in January).

Kelsey is always available to reach out to students who may be interested, so please see her if you need any help!

We will ask our participants and leaders to take and share pictures at our events (even from home!). If you would like your kids to be able to participate, please take a brief moment to fill out this photo release form. CLICK BELOW

SURGE spends our Sunday afternoons together and has all our great programmings in one night. Every Sunday at 5:30 pm, have dinner in Wesley Hall provided by parents/families of our Youth Programming. Stay tuned for a sign-up sheet if you want to prepare/provide dinner on a Sunday! Check below for more on Sunday Events!

Our kick-off date is Sunday, August 15th, when we will have a parent meeting and dinner from 6-8:00 pm!

Some reminders:
If you have a sibling that does bells/choir but you don't, you can still come early during their rehearsal time. We will have rooms open for homework (and teachers available to help you) and other areas of the church open for hanging out/fellowship.

If you are on Youth Cabinet this year, we will meet immediately following the 11:30 Sunday worship service, with lunch provided on the 3rd Sunday of every month.

SURGECAST is the Wesley United Methodist Church youth podcast that dives into questions aimed at our youth. These are questions from our youth answered by our youth. Join us as we include special guests, challenging topics, insightful answers, and question anything. Monthly releases are available on our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to and connect with HERE.