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Wesley Creation Care Team

Wesley’s Creation Care Team is commissioned to assist committed members in leading the charge to help care for God’s creation. We can achieve more together, as united action is at the heart of this program. Our goal is to transform our church and community to be protectors of God’s gifts. As stewards of the earth, we want to work and take care of it. Our uses of the world must be designed to conserve and renew rather than deplete or destroy it. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Creation Care Team, please get in touch with Mary Monahan at 309-824-0110. Team meetings are held on the third Monday of the month at 6:30 pm. Please continue to monitor our web page and church announcements for upcoming activities for you and your family.
recycle detergent bottles


Midwest Food Bank is still collecting laundry detergent bottles at their 2031 Warehouse Rd, Normal, IL 61761 location!

You can help!!! Here’s a new way to recycle your detergent bottles!

The Midwest Food Bank receives detergent for distribution in 330-gallon containers—6,000 gallons. It is a beautiful item to distribute, so they need us to donate our bottles at their facility at 2031 Warehouse Rd., Normal, IL. Volunteers will decant the detergent into smaller bottles for distribution. This is another excellent way to recycle with an added charitable opportunity of helping others in need! Collection receptacles are outside the building, and you can drop them off at any time convenient.

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Poor recycling habits like “Wish-Cycling” (tossing non-recyclables in with recyclables) cost municipalities and result in scaled-back or shut-down recycling programs. Recycling can be confusing because more items are made of mixed materials, and recycling programs vary in each city. The simple and fast solution to finding all answers to your recycling questions is to download the FREE Recycle Coach app. (available at Apple Store or Google Play). Recycling boosts our economy and protects our planet, and you can do your part to keep our local programs active. Creation Care Team wants to bring you new ideas that are quick, convenient, and pertinent to our local area.