Congregational Care with Pastor Camilla

Reverend Camilla Hempstead

Pastor Camilla Hempstead
Pastor of Congregational Care


Pastor Camilla Hempstead is looking for people willing to work in teams and give about 2-4 hours PER MONTH to help Wesley UMC stay in touch with our church family and friends who can no longer join us regularly. Teams will be forming by the end of October. 

If you are interested or want more details, please call or email Pastor Camilla here at Wesley Church.

Are you a “Snowbird”? 

If your winter contact information is not on file with the church office, I would very much like to have it (I won’t share it). I’d like to keep in touch with you during the winter.  I’ll tell you how much snow we have here and you can tell me how warm it is there! 😊

--Pastor Camilla, pastor of congregational care

Historic and Living Traditions of the Church

Did you know that the oldest Christian denominations are in Greece, Turkey, and Egypt and have been meeting for nearly 2000 years? Join Pastor Camilla for a quick 4-week tour of the Orthodox and Coptic traditions that are still alive and vital today! This will not be a deep theological discussion, so bring your friends! No book is necessary.

Wednesdays, October 12 thru November 2, 6:00 pm-7:00 pm in the Garden Room.

For a brief biography of Pastor Camilla, please click here!