Wesley Just One

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Just one is collecting items for our community friends who are in need of our help. We will be collecting specific donation item types each month and would love your help in making life just a little easier for our neighbors. The items we are asking for are things that many people take for granted and wouldn't give a second thought about using. Many of the needs we help to fulfill are common household items such as laundry soap, toothpaste, deodorant, and other basic hygiene and household needs. Other months we may find a stronger need for books, Bibles, or other life conveniences and necessities.

Please think of Just One and our mission when you make a trip to the grocery store or other common shopping locations and simply pick up a few things that we are looking to distribute to our friends and neighbors. If shopping is not a convenient means for making a difference, we are also happy to receive monetary donations that you may be able to provide. If this is better suited for your situation, please click the link below and give what you can to better our mission and the lives of those around us. Wesley United Methodist Church is always seeking your help in these missions and we can't do it without you. Thank you so much for your time and your help in making Just One such a wonderful success!

The Just One Bin will be in the hallway across from the Library.  On weeks when the service is scheduled for outside, the Bin will be outside the entrance on the East side. Please view the listed items we are distributing this month and do what you can to help Just One provide the basic needs for our community of friends and family.


As the colder months approach, JustOne recognizes the desperate need for mittens/gloves, scarfs and hats for the school kids. It is a very serious issue when we have children not able to dress for the winter. JustOne is here to help!

  • Mittens/gloves for all ages (boys and girls)
  • Winter caps (knit, fleece, warm)
  • Scarves and warm socks
  • New winter coats (please note we are still dealing with COVID)

Decorated bags will be handed out on October 3. and November 7. The filled bags will be collected on November 14. The bags will be distributed to the agencies on November 18 or 19


The November Just One Collection will be FOOD BAGS for Thanksgiving.  The bags will be distributed on Oct 31 and Nov 7.  They will be collected on Oct 14 for distribution to three agencies later in the week.  Your generosity is greatly needed and appreciated.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


The collection for December will be in support of the Carle BroMenn Compassion Closet.  We will be requesting donations for T-shirts and Sweatpants in sizes M, L, XXL and XXXL.


The collection for January will be Deodorant and Soap


The collection for February will be Laundry Detergent PODS and Laundry Sheets in support of Loads of Love


The Collection for March will be Dental Items – Toothbrushes and Toothpaste