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We love to see our members being active in our church activities! We have many activities which can be a perfect fit for all types of people who are ready for volunteer opportunities. To contact us on becoming part of the Wesley Action Team, please specify in the message box below or CLICK HERE to be directed to the Action Team on the Wesley website page.

We would love to hear a request for your own prayer needs, and we will be happy to make a personal prayer for you. Whatever your prayer needs, finding peace of mind provides a foundation of emotional strength to face life's situations. Your request is a sacred trust with our Wesley United Methodist Church pastors and is kept confidential unless otherwise specified. We understand that prayer requests can be very personal so please CLICK HERE for the dedicated prayer request page.

Due to the pandemic, the Wesley community has come together in ways we never thought of before. One of the fantastic ways our families and friends have shown their devotion to Wesley is by happily accepting a day to film their thoughts and experiences with Jesus and share them with the rest of us. We are always looking for friends from the Wesley community to contact us and join in on creating their brief devotion videos, and we would love to hear from you! Please type "Attn. Ben Lash" to create your Devotional video for scheduling and content information. We can help you in shooting the video right here in the church!

For general contact questions, please fill out the simple form below. You may also contact us through email at the link to the right or call us during regular business hours to speak to a helpful member of our excellent staff. Wesley United Methodist Church in Bloomington is dedicated to inspiring our communities to become more. Please join us in our Sunday online worship. We also invite you to our Devotions video briefs, which we make daily to inspire you quickly throughout your day. We always look forward to hearing your thoughts and prayers.

As always, stay healthy and stay strong in FAITH.

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