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A moment of devotion. Join Pastor Sara, Pastor Evans and other leaders in our Wesley community of faith as we proudly welcome you to our Devotional Videos! These short videos are specifically designed to provide you with a moment from any given day to share your devotion with Jesus Christ, the teachings of the Bible, and Wesley United Methodist Church. The Wesley community has come together in ways we never thought of before due to the pandemic.


Make your own devotional

We are always looking for friends from the Wesley community to join in on creating their own brief devotion videos. To create your own Devotional, please click the image above and contact LIz Tomera for scheduling and content information. We can even film it for you at your convenience!

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Click on the image above to view today's Devotional! This link will lead you to not only the most recent Devotional video, but an entire playlist of videos that we have been creating for over a year. View one, view them all!

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