Wesley Church Leadership

Wesley United Methodist Church
2021-2022 Ministry Team Leadership

Administrative Council Members

Senior Pastor
Sara L. Isbell
Associate Pastor
Tanya Edwards-Evans

Lay Leader
Judy Bute

Adminstrative Council Chairperson
Kaye Toohill
Administrative Council Recording Secretary
Deb Caldwell
Administrative Council Treasurer
Jay Corwin

Director of Communications
John Perry

Alan Tatum, Dick & Jan Hoerber (Church & Society)
Sandi Hinrichs (Mission team leader)

Sara L. Isbell and Brenna Martin

UMW Representatives
Nancy Bollman & Sharon Trowitch

UMM Representative
Bruce Deason

Youth Representative
Jaxon Tomera and Allyson Oganovich

SPRC Chairperson
Richard Nolen

Trustees Chairperson
Jen Shottland

Finance Chairperson
James Ingold

Administrative Council Members at Large
Kelly Caldwell, Lindsey Sherrill and Bruce Deason

Lay members to Annual Conference
Alycia Hund, Judy Bute, Josh Dahmm, (Cindy Lorimor, Alt), (Kelsey Ross, district at-large)

Committee on Finance meets 2nd Tuesday 5:00pm

2022 2023 2024
Ann Higgens Ted Hoffman John Olson
Toni Kirby James Ingold, chair, Stewardship Garry Good
Bob Williams Don Underwood Steve Vandevender

Board of Trustees meets 1st Thursday 5:00pm

2022 2023 2024
Ben Ambler Jim Yarbrough Stan Cain
Rusty DePew Jen Schottland, chair Glenn Rinker
Pam Hays Stephanie Peterson Kendra Keck

Committee on Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations meets 1st Thursday 6:00pm

2022 2023 2024
Martha Ingold Chris GjesfJeld Deb West
Craig Lutes Linda Olson Fran Tatum
Alycia Hund Richard Nolen, Chair Michele Watson

Committee on Lay Leadership (Nominations) meets as needed Pastor and Lay leader, co-chairs

2022 2023 2024
Richard Johnson Chad Boyd Elizabeth Vock
Cara Rabe-Hemp Chris Hoy Missy Dundov
Clay Martin Sarah Elch Ann Gore

Safety & Security Committee meets as needed

2022 2023 2024
Jon Mosby, chair Chris Hoy ---
Brian Armstrong Kelsey Ross Kathi Pritts
Keith Smith Julie Loy ---

Missions Committee meets 3rd Thursday

2022 2023 2024
Fran Tatum Julie Smith Tory Dahmm
Alan Tatum Judy Woodburn Sandi Hinrich, chair
Karen McConnell Martha Benjamin (pending)

Church & Society Committee meets 5th Thursday or as needed

Richard and Jan Hoerber, chairs

Delegate Church Association
Judy Bute
Sue Miller
Linda Tuttle

Habitat for Humanity
Addie Moy

Safe Harbor
Steve Brown

Healing Rides
Barb Brown

Stevenson School
Richard and Linda Nolen

Loads of Love
Gary Thompson

Wesley Distribution Ministry
Karen Daudelin

Just One
Dick and Jan Hoerber

Faith in Action
Steve and Barb Brown

Creation Care Team
Mary Monahan