Prayer Shawl Ministry

prayer shawl ministry


If you cannot attend on Monday afternoons and want to knit or crochet prayer shawls on your own, we welcome your shawls. Please drop them off at the church or speak with Phylis Clay.

This ministry at Wesley began in July 2007, and we have created and given out over 1,200 shawls and hundreds more pocket crosses! Each cape has a story, and we are often amazed at how God works in and through this ministry.

If you do not knit or crochet but would like to contribute to our ministry, we welcome donations to add to our yarn and supplies.

Join us for a blessed time of prayer and creativity as we reach out to those in need of comfort and hope.

Questions? Contact Phyllis Clay at 309-824-3130 or call the church office.


Our Wesley Prayer Shawl Ministry has God is Good stories that happen all the time.  Many times we take a shawl to a person, not knowing the person if they have colors they like or dislike, but God never fails.  He always picks out the proper shawl for us to give to the person.  The person will exclaim, “how did you know that is my favorite color.”  We had one person say, “you knew what I needed before I knew what I needed.” What is also special is when a project is finished, we all lay our hands on the item, and the minister blesses it!

We shared two extraordinary” God” stories at our meeting today:

“About 20 years ago, Lori Hoffman took a prayer shawl to one of our church members having painful surgery.  I received a call from this church member, wondering if she could get another prayer shawl.  She said hers was in shreds as she uses it all the time.  She said it went into surgery with her when she thru several surgeries.  I took another shawl to her today, and she hugged it and said, “this is perfect.”  “God is Good”!

AnotherGod is Good” story!

While attending the Women’s Society dinner recently, a member was sitting at the table with me.  She said she had just started crocheting and had made a small baby-size afghan.  She asked if our Prayer Shawl Ministry could use it.  I took it and said we would find a  use for it somewhere.  Recently, a group member called to see if we had a shawl or something for a child.  I mentioned the afghan, or I also had a couple of children’s shawls in my apartment.  One of our church members needed something special for a 9-year-old girl with a kidney transplant.  Not only did she feel that the afghan was perfect, but she asked for a shawl for the person donating the kidney. When she picked up the shawl and afghan, she also received four pocket crosses for the family.  God is Good”!

Keep this family in your prayers!

What a special gift Fran brought to be blessed and distributed.  While being in ST. Louis with Alan, Fran knit 40 adult-size stocking caps. Each one was different and very attractive.  Fran will donate the majority of them to the Wesley Distribution Ministry. Thank you Fran!