Children’s Sunday School

Elementary Sunday School

Gavin Emily RJ 370x250W.I.S.E. -- Kindergarten - Fifth Grade (Wesley Intergenerational Sunday Experience) 

W.I.S.E. is where families learn together, strengthen the bonds of family and faith, and have conversations of faith.

W.I.S.E. begins each Sunday at 10:15 AM in Wesley Hall and then move to rooms 21-30.

Kindergarten - First Grade - Room 21
- with Thay and Natalie Sutimek

Second & Third Grades - Room 22
- with Stephanie Hoy and Amber Cabrera

Fourth & Fifth Grades - Room 30
- with Gary & Kara Thompson, Liz Tomera, and Kendra Bull

WISE uses orange curriculum which is Christian Virtue and Faith based with highly engaging video, games and active fun! The orange Philosophy by the rethink group encourages families and churches to work together to more powerfully impact the spiritual lives of children.

Preschool (First Look Curriculum)

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Preschool Children -

Preschoolers will learn we have a colorful God who always keeps his promises.

2’S -  Room 117
- Liz Tomera, Shawn High, and others

3’S - Pre K - Room 118
- Tammy Alsene, Bunny King, Pamela Kersten, and Caleb Pritts