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2022 disciplines

How important is it to have a daily spiritual routine? The habit of reading and reflecting on God’s Word daily can bring a much-needed respite from the grind of everyday life. “We sometimes experience seasons in our lives when our faith seems dormant,” Junius Dotson wrote in the 2018 edition of The Upper Room Disciplines. “It’s especially important to practice the daily discipline of scripture devotion in our seasons of winter,” he remarked. “When we engage in daily spiritual formation, we deepen our roots . . . and grow our capacity to handle any season of life.” Daily devotional reading is essential to our spiritual growth, and it helps keep our faith alive.

Disciplines invites readers to spend unrushed time with God, reading a lectionary-based scripture passage, reflecting on the author’s insights, and thinking about how to apply the truths from the readings to their daily life. This devotional book features 53 authors from diverse backgrounds, including some of the leading Christian thinkers of our time.

Among the writers for 2021 are J. Dana Trent, James A. Harnish, Enuma Okoro, Jean-Claude Masuka, George Donigian, Beth A. Richardson, Kenneth H. Carter Jr., D. L. Mayfield, Stephane Brooks, Rachel Hackenberg, Rosalind Hughes, Memory Chikosi, Liz Magill, Charity Kiregyera, Joe Pennel, and Beth Taulman Miller.

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