Frank Newburn, Director of Youth Ministries

Frank Newburn 150x180I truly believe I have the best job in the world- working with and developing the youth of Wesley UMC. My wife Sara and I have been married for almost nine years and have two sons, Christian and Jensen, and a daughter Kalyn. I am originally from Wheaton, a suburb of Chicago, and moved here in 2006 to take the position of Director of Youth Ministries. I attended Wheaton College and triple majored in Biblical & Theological Studies, Christian Education, and Psychology and also have a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology. I have been involved in youth ministry for 23 years working with both Jr. and Sr. High students both nationally and internationally. I have a passion for discipleship, mentoring, leadership, and missions and have seen firsthand the amazing things students can do when they are encouraged, mentored, and allowed to lead. I also love all kinds of sports, cooking, and traveling and have already been to 28 foreign countries in my life. I feel my calling in life is to work with students and that God continues to use my background, education, and spiritual gifts to impact His children. My family and I have been tremendously blessed by our time here at Wesley and love the people of this church body.

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