Here's a gift for yourself, others, and the world around you.

It is -- a gift of time.

Wesley has opportunities to find a way to serve, give back, grow in faith, and experience warm fellowship.

So go ahead, open the box.

There is a gift waiting for you if you simply give a gift of time.

Take the time to look through the many ways you can get involved at Wesley. The list is below. Simply check all the areas that interest you - click submit - and we will contact you with ways that you can apply your gifts.

PLEASE fill out a form to recommit to areas where you are already serving so that we can update our Wesley volunteer database.

Thank you. We look forward to serving alongside you!

a gift of time

a gift of time - ways to serve

Serve During Worship

Participate during the worship service

Serve with Children

Serve with Youth - Surge

Give the Gift of Music

Service in Action

Service with a Caring Touch

Serve Hospitably

Faith & Fellowship - Adults

Wednesdays @ Wesley - W@W

Serve as Office Staff Help

Other Gifts of Time Not Listed

Thank you for giving the gift of your time. We look forward to serving alongside you!