a giving faith

Pastors Vaughn and Justin have been introducing us to people whose faith impressed Jesus, strong or weak throughout the sermon series “Faith Jesus Noticed”. Jesus not only paid attention to demonstrations of faith, but he often taught about them through stories. He told us that even faith the size of a tiny mustard seed would be, could be, mighty. You just have to be willing to have a giving faith.

Sunday, October 29th is Stewardship Sunday. We will, with faith, decide how we respond to the call to support Wesley financially. How can you faithfully support Wesley’s works within our church family, within our community, and the world? What size is a giving faith for you? And does it expand and grow with your faith journey...just like that tiny mustard seed?

Sunday, November 26th will honor another form of stewardship - the giving of our time and talents. Can your faith expand large enough to serve others in new ways?

Another date of note was Sunday, October 15th. James Ingold, Finance Chair, led a “Wesley Budget Walk Through” to explain the Wesley budget, past expenditures, and budget goals.  Attached you will find the presentation used during that presentation for your consideration.

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Look for more information to come by mail, online, in church, and via email.

Readings for a giving faith -

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